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Fireproofing works

Fireproofing, a passive fire protection measure, refers to the act of making materials or structures more resistant to fire, or material for use in making anything fire-proof, or the act of applying such materials. Applying a certification listed fireproofing system to certain structures allows these to have a fire-resistance rating.


An item classed as fireproof is resistant in specified circumstances, and may burn or be rendered inoperable by fire exceeding the intensity or duration that it is designed to withstand.



  • Structural steel to keep below critical temperature
  • Electrical circuits to keep critical electrical circuits below 140°C so they star operational
  • Liquefied petroleum gas containers to prevent a Boiling liquid expanding vapour explosion
  • Vessel skirts and pipe bridges in an oil refinery or chemical plant to keep the structural steel below critical temperature
  • Concrete linings of traffic tunnels